2022’s Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills For Females

Globally, it is widely acknowledged that obesity-related conditions and their complications add hugely to healthcare costs and productivity losses. 2022’s Best Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills For Females. In turn this adds a large burden on individuals, their families and on governments.

One estimate suggests that of the total health expenditure on the continent, 9% is attributed to dealing with people who are overweight and obese.

We conducted research to calculate the cost of obesity to South Africa’s health system. Best Weight loss supplement and Fat Burner programs for Men and Women in US. Our aim was to estimate the direct healthcare costs associated with the treatment of weight-related conditions based on public-sector tariffs.

Based on our calculations overweight and obesity are costing South Africa’s health system R33 billion (US$1.9bn) a year. This represents 15.38% of government health expenditure and is equivalent to 0.67% of GDP. Annual per person cost of overweight and obesity is R2,769.


Among the most expensive conditions to manage were diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Our analysis shows that overweight and obesity impose a huge financial burden on the public healthcare system in South Africa. It suggests an urgent need for preventive, population-level interventions to reduce overweight and obesity rates. What Is The Best Supplements To Burn Hand Fat. The reduction will lower the incidence, prevalence, and healthcare spending on noncommunicable diseases.

Quantifying the financial costs of overweight and obesity also gives national policy-makers a sense of the scale of the cost to the state, those of managing their diseases, and the costs to the community.

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