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Appetite control
Semaglutide is a molecule that works by controlling appetite. This has been shown in numerous studies, including research conducted in 2017 by the University of Leeds which found that, in people with obesity, a once-weekly injection of semaglutide (the same dose as used in this recent study) was able to reduce daily calorie intake by 24% and reduce some meal sizes by more than 30%. Despite consuming less food, people experienced no increase in hunger and reported feeling fuller. 2022’s Best Fat Burning Pills For Females. This study also showed that semaglutide decreased cravings for (and consumption of) high-fat foods, and made people feel more control over their appetite.

Semaglutide controls appetite by acting on the brain’s GLP1 receptors. GLP1 is a hormone which influences appetite and is released from cells in the gastrointestinal tract where it stimulates the release of insulin and slows emptying of the stomach. Research shows that GLP1 receptors are located widely throughout the brain, including in regions involved in aspects of appetite such as hunger and enjoyment of food.

Interestingly, recent research in rodents has shown semaglutide acts on brain areas responsible for both satiety and pleasure. However, the actions of semaglutide on brain processes are complex and remain to be fully worked out.

Although semaglutide appears to be effective in controlling appetite over a long period, there are three factors which might have influenced how effective it was: the semaglutide molecule itself, the route of administration (injection) and having participants change their diet and exercise habits.

There’s no doubt that the semaglutide molecule is potent in and of itself. But delivering it by injection could have affected how effective it was. The authors believe the weekly injection may make it easier for patients to stick to treatment than if they had to take it as a tablet, because they saw it as a “medical” procedure. It may also make patients more likely to conform with the dietary and exercise advice as well because an injection is perceived as a more serious medical intervention than taking a pill. Which Night Time Fat Burner really works. This could remind people of the seriousness of obesity and motivate them to stick to dietary and exercise advice.

Man taking medication with glass of water.
Research will need to investigate whether semaglutide is as effective in tablet form. Image Point Fr/ Shutterstock
It’s uncertain whether semaglutide would be as effective for weight loss if it was given orally as a daily tablet, as opposed to an injection. In a 12-week study on people with diabetes, research showed a daily oral dose of semaglutide is clearly effective in controlling appetite – resulting in a loss of body fat. This indicates that oral dosing could be effective for weight loss but should be tested in a long-term trial in people with obesity.**

Patients in the trial were also instructed to diet and exercise to ensure they burned at least 500 calories more than they consumed. This lifestyle modification was enforced through monthly individual counselling sessions. What Is The Best Female Fat Burner Pills. The authors of the study state the drug should be delivered alongside a lifestyle modification programme – so it’s uncertain if the drug would have been as effective without making lifestyle changes.

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